Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Mosquito Floats

Alan (SOS) has promised to update his blog before leaving for Europe on Tuesday, so I'll just give you a sneak peak of a couple pictures of us testing out Mosquito (the trimaran) on the water.  She paddles beautifully.  Sailing trials will have to wait till February.


Bruce said...

Looking Good! I will watch with interest how the build finishes out. Maybe Steve and I could paddle something like this?

Anonymous said...

What bike's are you thinking of using? What type of cart? I have been following your blog, lot's of useful info, thanks. I kayak camp on Lake Erie using a QCC 400 and 600. Starting to build a W17 trimaran.

SandyBottom said...

I have a Dahon Presto Lite folding bike, and am looking for another similar size and weight (18lbs). We will make the carts, hull on one, amas on the other, making them lets us custom the cart for size, carts will be made using these wheels: Marathon Industries 92001 20x2.0 Flat Free Cart Tire On Black Plastic Rim - 3/4-Inch Bearing/