Sunday, January 09, 2011


Paul and Alan joined us in Hawaii a week after our arrival and before Christmas. We’d planned a family vacation and celebration of Tana’s college graduation. In the end, this vacation completely centered around family (ohana), and family helping each other, more than we had ever imagined.

My folks have had a hard year with various illnesses and medical expenses. Wanting to do something nice for them and my sister (who helps to care for them), my brother Bob (also visiting) and my family decided to get dirty and renovate. Within the 2 weeks I was there, we managed to completely gut and renovate 2 bathrooms, a laundry room, and a small kitchen. We got to make new friends with folks at the Home Depot and at Kailua’s Hardware Hawaii. And we learned a lot about DIY projects, putting new floors, toilets sinks, lighting, cabinets, everything….

new kitchen

The best part of it was the family spirit and cooperation, all of us working together. And the good feeling that although we can’t be there physically to help, we found some ways to try and make life a little more pleasant and easier.

No paddling, but I did get my bathing suit on once during the trip and the time difference had me waking up early each morning for walks and runs at the beach most days. With Hawaiian winter weather and  lots of rain, it was easy to stay on task.  And of course the most fun fun parts of the trip, was eating.  Lots of plate lunches each day from FatBoys in Kailua or K&Ks outside Lanikai, and Mels ribs from Waimanalo always a favorite.

A special thanks to my guys and especially my brother for all the work done, it may not have always seemed like a vacation, but it was great family time.

We are all back home now (caught a cold on the airplane back), missing family and adjusting to regular routine.  No real training those 2 weeks, but no real damage either.  Plan to get on the water paddling today, it's been awhile.

Happy Birthday Alan, the best son a mother could ask for, love you.