Friday, November 01, 2013

All in a Month

So much has happened in the last month that I’ve not had time to blog, been working hard on my bucket list.  Things aren’t slowing down yet, so here’a a quick synopsis.

Around Cape Lookout – Check
This has been on my bucket list for awhile.  Lee, Chris, James, Jay, and I sent a weekend paddling around the outside of Cape Lookout, and it was one of the more exciting paddles I’ve done.  Surf predictions were for 2-3 ft, but around the shoaling at the Cape we paddled into increasingly bigger and bigger waves topping out at 6+.  The only thing wrong was that it was a quick out and back trip with only one night camping under the lighthouse.  So…. this is back on the list hoping for a 3-day trip, with an extra day playing out there in unloaded kayaks.

Paddling past the lighthouse on our way around the hook

Beach on the Cape that we landed and camped on 

Bay of Fundy and Tidal Bore – Check
Lee and I flew out to the Bay of Fundy Symposium in Nova Scotia. You really need to do this one. 

The list of instructors was impressive check it out here, this is the new generation of top notch instructors.  The day before the symposium, we all paddled the Shubie Tidal Bore, all participants had a personal instructor, mine was Ryan Ruston (sigh!).  We surfed 8 ft standing waves!!!!!!  This WAS absolutely the most exciting 5 miles I’ve ever paddled.  This symposium was one of the best I’ve attended, great instruction, great organization, and the paddling locations were absolutely beautiful.  

Too much fun to take many pictures, found the one below with me, Ryan Ruston and Paul Kaffe (on right, both were excellent instructors I had).

And this one I took during our lunch break in the Races and Overfalls Class with Paul Kaffe, on Candlebox Island. 

Surfing with Dale Williams – Check
A 2 day open water and surf training class with Dale Williams at Folly Beach, Charleston SC.   We didn’t have huge surf, 1-2 ft, but actually just perfect to play and learn in.  I was in my new NDK Romany, and using a Celtic Reef 200 cm paddle that Dale suggested I try.  All three (instructor, kayak, paddle) made me a better surfer J, I’ve ordered the paddle and am back to the Euro in the surf.   Got my first top turn during the class! 

ACA Level 4 Instructor Certification – Almost Check
I finished my trip to Charleston with a 6 day ACA L4 Open Water Coastal Instructor IDW/ICE at Sea Kayak Carolina with Scott Szczepaniak.   It was one of the toughest classes I’ve ever taken (lots of stress, scenarios, and open water work).  Scott has very high expectations of those he certifies.  My biggest weakness was navigation (I’ve been a GPS girl for so long).  I almost passed, I'll complete the certification requirements after I teach a navigation class he signs off on.  I’m studying for it now.