Saturday, December 31, 2011


It's time to start some serious training.  Not sure how to train for this!  Read more about it here.

Cat launching off a beach on East Coast of Florida during a Tybee 500.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


If you follow WaterTribe you've likely noticed they've updated the website.  The new site is, the old site still exists at while things get moved.

If you don't follow WaterTribe, you should.

The discussion forum is much changed and updated, with much more functionality.  This forum is a wealth of information for expedition, and expedition racing.   Membership is free.  A new feature to the website is the addition of Tribal Member Blogs.  

Some members of the Tribe have opted to blog on the site, talking about the boats they are using, building and training, and just having plane fun with.  In support of WaterTribe, I too have started a blog there at

I've been a WaterTriber for 8 years now, my first WaterTribe Everglades Challenge was in 2004. This blog started in 2005 as I began training for the 2006 Ultimate Florida Challenge (UFC), and has primarily been devoted to WaterTribe, and to the many Challenges I've done and trained for.

Next March 2012  is another Ultimate Florida Challenge.  Alan (SOS) and I will race that together as a team.  As I prepare and train for this new Challenge, I'll be posting on the new Blog.

No worries, this one will be alive and well, and will contain postings and links to the other as well.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Mosquito Floats

Alan (SOS) has promised to update his blog before leaving for Europe on Tuesday, so I'll just give you a sneak peak of a couple pictures of us testing out Mosquito (the trimaran) on the water.  She paddles beautifully.  Sailing trials will have to wait till February.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's Been Awhile

It may seem like I’d retired my blog, but really I just got so very busy this past year.  I've put blogging way on top of my New Year’s resolutions list, along with more paddling, sailing, and adventure.

So what’s been happening of late?   I finished the WaterTribe North Carolina Challenge (NCC) in early October.  As WaterTribe events usually are, weather offered us a real challenge, but also such fun and satisfaction.  I’ve not much interest in writing it up at this late date, but there are some great stories and videos one can check out here, and here.   The NCC is about 100 miles over 2 ½ day time frame, very doable for both the racer and the expedition kayaker looking for adventure.  You won’t meet a more diverse, interesting, and fun group of water folk. Come join us.

I was lucky to fit in a short solo vacation over Thanksgiving and visit my family in Hawaii.  It was wonderful getting to spend time with my Mom and Dad, and to renew a friendship with my sister.  We all had such a great time.  With retirement just around the corner, my visits can start happen more often and for longer.

Happy Birthday Lani!

Retirement!   I just added a new App to my Android called “Days Until”.    Right now it reads “351 days,69 hours, 21 minutes”.   Still about a year away (Dec 1, 2012), but I’m ready.  I’m so looking forward to that new adventure in my life.

Most weekends over the past couple of months have been spent in Vandermere NC (down East)  working at the B&B Yacht Design shop where Alan (SOS) lives and works, as we work on the trimaran Alan has designed and is building.  We plan to team up and sail it together during the March 2012 WaterTribe Ultimate Florida Challenge, yup, the 1200 miler I did in 2006 in my Kruger.    Alan posts occasional updates on his blog 'Sailing Adventures of SOS'.  I’m not supposed to give away any of our secrets.   But you’ll be hearing all about it on the blog in March.

Last Sunday I managed some free time and disappeared for a few hours, paddling my Kruger Dreamcatcher up the Bay River and down Chapel Creek.  It was so good to get back in the Kruger.  Back on the water is on the top of my resolutions.  I’d just not done enough this year for my emotional and mental well-being.   It’ll be all about single blading for a while training for the UFC which includes about 400 miles of river paddling or rowing.

One last bit of news.  Next week we move into our new house.  Same general location, just a bit of downsizing, the retirement house!   Lots and lots of garage for our toys with, a boat house, and workshop.

Well it's almost the weekend again, so back to Vandemere, our last weekend working on the boat for awhile, hoping to get it on the water.   Alan's off to Europe for 6 weeks, and I've got lots to do to keep me busy.