Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I Need Your Help

Getting old is no fun and being injured is a real drag. You may recall an earlier posting "I'm Injured After All". My pelvic stress fracture (gotten during the WaterTribe Ultimate Challenge UFC) has been taking quite a while to heal, and has been very painful the last couple months, but worse, I've really let it bring me down, big time.

Told only to limit weight bearing activities, and follow the rule "if it hurts, don't do it". So technically I'm not totally sidelined, I can still paddle, swim, and bike. But in all honesty, I haven't really done much of those things since the Challenge. Choosing instead to be self destructive, wallow in self pity, and gain a lot of weight.

I really need to get out of this funk. What can you do to help me? I need your encouragement and support for starters. And then I need your money. There are so many people worse off than I. In trying to turn it around, I've decided to do 2 positive things. Get my butt back on the bike (my least favorite sport), and do it for those who are in more need than I. A great opportunity for fun and fitness, with a good cause.

I've just registered for the MS150 bike tour. I did this ride in 2004, raising $700 for Multiple Sclerosis. Please help me do it again.

Contributions for Multiple Sclerosis research can be made directly to the MS Society (not through me). Go to my participant website here, there is a link titled "Sponsor Me" on the right, for making a pledge by credit card donation on line. All tax deductible. A good cause that will make you feel better too.

I've always found that goals and accountability help me stay on track. My goals are $700 for MS, completing the ride, and loosing 28 lbs. Accountability (and a check on your investment/donation) can be followed on my MS150 training log. I'll update my training, and do a weekly weigh in (I've added a new link on the blog sidebar).

I'm putting it out there, how about you?


Anonymous said...

You should do a post on how you find out about all the races. I keep getting dead ends looking for them.


derrick said...

Yikes! A photo of the scale!! You are a much braver person than I!!!!