Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Other Side of Racing

This week, I'm having to experience the other side of racing. Watching from afar. It's been an emotionally exiting and difficult time. I've known that it has always been difficult for Paul waiting, and worrying, when I've been in the WaterTribe Challenges. Now we are both doing that while our son Alan and friend Trey race in the Tybee 500 catamaran race on the East coast of Florida, as team Velocity Sailing.

The last 2 days of the race has seen big surf and high wind conditions. Yesterday only 5 of the 12 boats made it through the 6-8 ft surf zone. Two did not even attempt it and were disqualified. The other 5 made multiple attempts and ended up battered, bruised, and broken, left to repair boats for today's start and with a hefty penalty for missing a leg.

This morning, the wind was a big lighter at 10 kts, but seas were still 6 ft, only 1 boat was taken out, damaged during a collision with another boat in the surf zone. Alan and Trey got out okay. But is wasn't easy, for any of us.

Photo below of Velocity starting Wednesday's leg.

Finishing Wednesday leg (below on right) with photo finish, catching a wave and beating the boat on the left by 20 seconds. A 3rd place and very exiting finish for the day.
Photos below of one of their 3 failed attempts to get out yesterday. Ouch!!

There is some great and frightening photos and video of yesterday's start on the Tybee 500 website. And if your interested in following along, Team Velocity is keeping up their blog during the race.

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Capt'n "O" Dark 30 said...

Awesome!! Some great pictures!! The boys got it going on!!