Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wish We Could Just Leave It

We're planning a boat moving party weekend after next, and I just can't bear to have anyone over without at least taking down the Christmas tree and other holiday ornaments. "Isn't it almost time to put the darn thing up again anyway". We've been so busy, the house and yard has been completely ignored.

Last night we finally got the first epoxy coat on the deck and cabin. It's really looking like it's almost done, and it's beautiful. Those of you who know about finish work, can likely count the fingers on your hands to realize another 2 coats of epoxy then sanding, 2-3 coats of primer and sanding again, and then all the finish coats of paint (the hull took 6 coats), drying and curing time, etc... means we've kind of run out of time.

We'll probably be squeezing the boat out of the basement while the paint is still drying. They'll certainly be sailing it in the EC before it's all finally cured.

Speaking of squeezing. The picture below shows the boat in front of the only doors that we have down there. Yup, it doesn't look like it's going to fit does it. And of course it also weighs a little less than 500 lbs. Alan figures about 15 people needed for the job. He'll try and get a bunch of friends from school (these budding engineers can figure out the logistics), and I'm inviting everyone I can, hoping a few have some carpentry skills :)

After posting, Paul sent me the picture below. It is a better presentation of the task, and less likely to scare off any volunteers. The boat is wider than the door, but not wider than the height of the door. And the height of the boat/cabin is not more then the width of the door. So, it's size and weight is the challenge, but he promises it'll fit.


craigcanoer said...

Some people have a coming out party for their daughter. But a coming out party for your boat? That is GREAT!!
Let me know how to help.

mirage19 said...

Leave the tree up and the leaves in the yard, we're just simple folk and it'll seem normal to us.

Hello, this is North Carolina your talking about.

Maybe I'll get Bill to make me a Lumpy Rake. A GP Rake should be less stressful on my old shoulders.

Capt'n "O" Dark 30 & Super Boo said...

wow... what a great experience you all are having... great stories for the Holidays with family and friends... leave the tree, it makes a statement like a beautiful piece of artwork.