Friday, August 29, 2008

Another Busy Weekend

There are people who paddle, and then there are paddlers. I’m not talking about skill; both may be equally skilled, though the paddler is certainly more practiced. The paddler is someone who is passionate about it, it is a priority, and they paddle often. It can be for sport and fitness, or relaxation and fun. I’m a paddler.

I think about it, plan it, blog about it, I do it. It’s something that makes me feel good. Paddling puts a smile on my face every time, it seems to relieve me of the stress and troubles of everyday life, at least for a short period of time. I absolutely love it. Fitting it in is not always easy, I'm generally pretty busy, sometimes it's a real challenge, often a sacrifice and compromise.

Today I left the house early for a 12 miler, I'll not have time to get any paddling in over the weekend. There were few on the lake, as it was a weekday and schools are back in session. Today was about fitness and strength, I needed to feel myself working hard, getting into that rhythm, emptying my mind. It was a great morning workout. I'm glad I could fit it in. I’m glad I had the time to go long.

Now it’s off to Louisville Kentucky. I’m going to be there for my son Alan, cheering him on as he does the Louisville Ironman Triathlon. I’ll be a little sad and disappointed that I had to drop out, but it’ll be okay, I wouldn’t miss being there for him for the world. And I suspect when I’m watching the swim, I’ll be thinking not of swimming so much as paddling that River anyway.

Good luck Alan and Adam, another great adventure and challenge.

Note to my Mom:
Mom, if you want to follow Alan in real time on the Internet during the race on Sunday, go here, it's Adam's blog and it'll explain what you need to do.