Wednesday, September 10, 2008

An Evening about SOFs

Here I am checking out Christine's SOF frame at our local Skin-on-Frame meeting/social Sunday evening. About 8 members attended, our group is now 17 strong.

Joe brought his SOF which he'd completed a while ago, and I brought my 'all it needs is paint' SOF. It was really interesting comparing the 3. As are most home built SOFs, all were different in size and shape, and all built using completely different techniques. Craig has just started getting organized for his big build, and is following Yost, yet another plan,. Ginger and Camille, anxious for SOFs, are still in the dreaming and thinking about it stage.

It was three plus hours of talk all centered around SOFs and kayaks, and a wonderful barbecue. Christine was a great hostess, and is quite a talented kayak builder (she's previously built a beautiful wooden strip kayak).

Greenland Paddles have become quite the rage here, as it seems to have become nationally. We're proud to count Bill Bremer, owner of Lumpy Paddles one of our local resident paddlers. I've only ever seen a couple of SOFs on the water around here, but I expect will be changing soon too.

Below, Joe and I are helping Christine get in her frame for the very first time to check out and discuss fit.

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Michael said...

What a wonderful thing to have such a large group of SOF affectionados close by! I'm looking forward to seeing photos of your group out on the water.