Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Change of Plan

Hmmm, how will we find the river? That's alot of snow!

I just got an email from Mark Przedwojewski, owner of Kruger Canoes, and the organizer of our up coming trip on the Big Manistee River, Jan 9-11. It read:

"We are getting pounded!!! Most of the area we will be paddling in has near 100" of snow this year with snow forecast just about every day in the next week and a half. Jack scouted out our planned take out and you can only get to about a half mile from it, plus parking is non-existent.

I think parking will be our biggest issue next to digging through layer after layer of snow to find ground to camp on. Gathering fire wood will take a lot of work, come to think of it just getting into the canoe from a 4 foot bank of snow will take a lot of work.

I don't want to scare anyone away, but you guys driving in from out of state might be in for not only a treacherous drive, but a shorter and less fun paddle than we had first planned. I think it is getting near a time that we might want to cancel this trip, it will give you guys time to plan another outing closer to your homes."

So now Kristen and I are thinking about a new trip plan for those days we'd already arranged to have off. We're thinking about a 100 mile paddle on the Outer Banks. It'll be great training for our WaterTribe Everglades Challenge coming up in March. And we can still consider it a "Winter Adventure", but just a bit milder on the Winter.


Capt'n O Dark 30 & Super Boo said...

Looks a lot like my driveway!!

Michael said...

LOL Mine as well! Actually as I slithered around my snow covered roads today I wondered about the logistics of your planned trip, with no snow tires, winter parkas etc. I think your new trip is much more do-able and likely lots safer given the winter we're having this year! Yes you can!