Thursday, May 21, 2009

What? Still not Done?

Yes (she says with much embarrassment), I'm still not finished with my skin-on-frame. Even after watching friends build theirs in a week, during 2 Brian Schultz classes that were held here locally, and then hearing about Bill Bremmer of Lumpy Paddles building a Black Pearl SOF after that.

But it was seeing Bill's launching of his beautiful kayak last night (sorry this picture does it no real justice), and then his letting me try it out for a paddle that has really motivated me again.

NO MORE EXCUSES. Maybe I can get it done in time for the Barrier Island Kayaks Outer Banks Sea Kayak Symposium next month, I've got 3 weeks, stay tuned.

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John said...


Have you been to yet? It's all about homebuilt folders and a couple inflatables. I've seriously considering building the inflatable 16' low volumesea kayak to play around in.