Sunday, February 07, 2010

Brrrr Cold

My training plan called for an 8hr paddle today.  I'd opted out of paddling yesterday because of wind and cold.  I wasn't concerned much about speed this weekend, just sit time in the boat; all part of getting ready for the Everglades Challenge.  So at 7am and still 20F, I went out to my local Lake Jordan.

All the storms lately have created unusally high water levels, so I launched from what was left of the parking lot, and paddled past a few signs.

Once launched and out of the protection of the boat ramp, there were fairly significant and unexpected winds.  It was a nice and fast downwind run for a good part of the day, even a bit disconcerting sailing at 6 mph in my kayak, and with water so cold the lake was lined with ice.

There was also the occasional obstacle course, as the storms have had the Haw River depositing quite a mess into the lake.

The return was into the wind, and brrr cold, as I hugged the shoreline looking for some protection.  Lukily as the day wore on, the winds started to subside.

Back at the car, David (Floatsome) paddled in, about 1/2 mile behind me, and also a bit cold.  He too was out on a long training paddle, though we both had picked opposite shorelines for most of our paddle and had missed each other.

Only 2 weekends left before leaving for Florida, maybe one of them will be warm enough for some night paddling and camping too.

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I got that same balaklave for Christmas.