Friday, June 24, 2011

A Weekend Off - Going Paddling

Life's been so busy I just haven't had much time to blog lately, but promise to get back to it soon.

I've mostly been biking weekends as David and I get ready for RAGBRI next month.  We're up to 50 mile rides, I think we'll be in good shape for the ride.

This weekend I'm taking a break and going down to the beach, an ocean-side paddle from Swansboro to Beaufort.  A long first day, paddling 28 miles out Bogue Inlet, up Emerald Isle, across Beaufort Inlet, and camping on Shackleford Island at Cape Lookout.  Sunday we'll paddle another 13 miles over to Harkers Island.   I'll have my SPOT on, you can track me here

Of course I'll have my Flat Earth Kayak Sail with me, as we're expecting some great winds 10-15 kts SW.

Picture below is from our Currituck Sound Paddle that I did a few weeks ago.  The big sand dune in front of us is Jokey's Ridge of the Wright Brothers fame.  That's me with my FEK sail below, paddling (very easily) next to my friend Jay.


Jay said...

How was it?

spidennis said...

I was wondering if you can do a write up about your FEKS (Flat Earth Kayak Sails). Mick from feks has a thread going on at the watertribe forum and ever since I heard you had a feks and was using it in March I've been wanting to know more but there's been very little discussion about it. Gnarlydog has some write ups on it on his blog, but he's in the other hemisphere and was hoping for something a little closer to home. You're about the best tester and writer mick could come up with, knowledeable, experienced and a great blogger so ...... what do you say?