Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cedar Island to Atlantic

--by DWSB

There was more practice today for the WaterTribe NC Challenge: kayakers SandyBottom, TwinSpirit, JayBird, and Rambler scouted routes among the islands between Pamlico Sound and Core Sound.

Route:  Driftwood Campground's boat ramp into Cedar Island Bay, out Beach Creek into Pamlico Sound, past Hog Island and tiny Chain Shot Island to Harbor Island,  and then SW on Core Sound to Atlantic, NC. 

From the Driftwood Campground/Motel  to  Atlantic, NC

A Three Hour Tour

Arrival at 1:00pm

Early reports suggested that a welcoming committee of post-Irene mosquitos greeted the kayakers, picked them up off the water, and air-lifted them ashore for "lunch".  

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