Thursday, December 29, 2011


If you follow WaterTribe you've likely noticed they've updated the website.  The new site is, the old site still exists at while things get moved.

If you don't follow WaterTribe, you should.

The discussion forum is much changed and updated, with much more functionality.  This forum is a wealth of information for expedition, and expedition racing.   Membership is free.  A new feature to the website is the addition of Tribal Member Blogs.  

Some members of the Tribe have opted to blog on the site, talking about the boats they are using, building and training, and just having plane fun with.  In support of WaterTribe, I too have started a blog there at

I've been a WaterTriber for 8 years now, my first WaterTribe Everglades Challenge was in 2004. This blog started in 2005 as I began training for the 2006 Ultimate Florida Challenge (UFC), and has primarily been devoted to WaterTribe, and to the many Challenges I've done and trained for.

Next March 2012  is another Ultimate Florida Challenge.  Alan (SOS) and I will race that together as a team.  As I prepare and train for this new Challenge, I'll be posting on the new Blog.

No worries, this one will be alive and well, and will contain postings and links to the other as well.

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