Saturday, January 14, 2012

Rule Changes in WaterTribe

The unfortunate drought in Northern Florida has rendered long sections of the St Mary’s and the Suwannee Rivers to be very low, in some places even without water.   This has completely messed up Stage4 of the Ultimate Florida Challenge, making it almost impossible to complete as originally designed, and requiring some changes to the rules to allow participants to figure out how to make it work.

This is a picture taken on the Suwannee River as part of UFC scouting trip by JollyRoger (Roger Mann), he reported his findings on his blog here.
Chief of WaterTribe has now relaxed the rules completely for Stage 4, leaving competitors to decide what their own goals are for this section of the challenge.  He calls this relaxation of the official rules the ‘Daniel Boone Option”.   
Alan and I aren't quite sure yet what to think about all this.  More details posted on my WaterTribe Blog here.

This is going to leave Alan and I with lots of decisions about what to do. 

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