Sunday, April 01, 2012

The Mosquito Flies Again

After checking the wind forecasts,  Team B&B Yacht Designs decided it was time to sail away from Cedar Key at about 6:15pm.  That would mean sailing all night to arrive at the finish line the next morning,   but the forecast suggested that there might be little or no wind for the trip if they did otherwise.
The winds were light on the beach, but immediate off the beach the winds were 15-20 kts.   With reefed main and full jib,  the Mosquito quickly reached 13.6 kts on a broad reach or run.  As the sun set, Team B&B dropped the main and sailed quickly downwind with only the jib. 
Sunday March 25

Mosquito ready to sail.  The mainsail is reefed.

Mosquito, palm tree, SOS, SandyBottom, docks and boatramp, palm trees, trailer parked in public lot

Launch at 6:18pm Sunday March 25

According to the SailFlow forecast it was a choice between staying awake all night to sail the 95nm with good wind versus getting a good night sleep in Cedar Key and then having to paddle 95 nm.

Wind "Now"
Wind "Later"
SPOT track from Cedar Key to Ft DeSoto
SPOT track from Cedar Key to Ft DeSoto
SPOT track from Cedar Key to Ft DeSoto


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