Monday, February 04, 2013

Looks Just Like New

This year I'll be paddling the WaterTribe 300 mile Everglades Challenge in my Kruger Dreamcatcher.  I've had the boat since 2006 when Mark Przedwojewski, the owner of Kruger Canoes gave it to me as a gift after originally lending it to me to use during the 1200 mile WaterTribe Ultimate Challenge.  "Finish the Challenge and it's yours" he said, and so I did :)

The boat is Dreamcatcher #2, the second one ever made by Verlen Kruger.  It had certainly seen many miles, and I proceeded to add many more.  Below is a picture of me out paddling my Dreamcatcher.

And here's a picture of the same Dreamcatcher Alan (my son) brought home after refinishing it for me.  It's so shiny and beautiful.

The weekend was spent putting on the rudder, hardware, decklines and bungies.  I especially like this photo of Alan inside the back hatch.

Today I took her to the lake for a paddle.  Hard to believe with only 25 days left for the Challenge it's the first time since last March I've paddled a Kruger Canoe.  I'm a bit behind in single blade training for this year, but lucky for me it's such a dry and comfortable ride.

Alan will be back next weekend to put on the rub rails and help reinforce the deck for my Flat Earth Kayak Sail.  Then I'll get my decals added and be ready to go.  I'll post some better after pictures with a short blurb about the refinishing after we're all done.

Thanks Alan, my Dreamcatcher is absolutely beautiful.


Danny said...

Wow! very nice. See you in March.

Canoe Sailor said...

Wow! How much does Alan charge for his Kayak Re-Awesomeing service? I may want to send in my Kestrel 140 for similar treatment.

bjalgera said...

Awesome job on the re-finish... Finally my seawind (#266) won't be the newest looking boat :)

JollyRoger said...

Super work refinishing, Alan has a lot ot talent. I'm going to have to have me a Kruger one day! Roger