Thursday, November 17, 2005

My First Blog

I've decided to take Wayfarer's advice and start a blog (the logo on right links to his great website and blog). My blog will be a new page added to my website, to allow easier reporting as I prepare for the Watertribe Ultimate Florida Challenge.

I've got a lot to learn to customize the template format, but this is at least a start. The goal is to have a forum to publish trip reports and other training paddles, my route and navigation preparation, other general plans and preparations, and rantings and ravings, as I prepare for the big challenge.

This blog will also eventually offer reports on my progress during the challenge (March 4, 2006). At that time, my husband will provide daily updates, reporting my location using maps and charts, document weather conditions, and post my comments from our daily phone calls (24 hr reporting rule).

Check out my website pages (links in sidebar) to learn more about the challenge. My training page is updated daily and is a log/diary reporting on my physical exercise and training.