Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Other Watertribe Member Websites

There are a few other WaterTribe members planning to participate in the Ultimate Challenge with websites that include information about thier training and planning.

Nick Hall (aka Pelican) is a Kruger Canoe pedal-er/paddler registered in the Ultimate Challenge. His SeaWind was outfitted with the Hobie Mirage Pedals. Pelican has entered 5 and completed 4 previous WaterTribe Challenges, including the 2003 Michigan Challenge. Check out the pages "Pelican's Poop" on Pelican's website it's his journal as he prepares for the UC, informative and entertaining, his sponsors must love him (unabashed promoting).

Marek Uliasz (aka Wayfarer), is known to many as Mountain Wayfarer among those who search out kayaking websites. Wayfarer's website and new blog is one of the nicest around, his photos are inspirational. His site also hosts a continual virtual kayak race, a great resource for training and boat comparisons. Wayfarer also paddles a Kruger SeaWind in the WaterTribe Challenges (are you asking yourself yet, "what's with these Krugers?"), and he reports in his blog that he is planning to roller blade tow the 40 mile portage.

Mark Przedwojewski (aka ManitouCruiser) is the most decorated of all WaterTribe Members, entering and completing 7 WaterTribe Challenges. Mark is also the owner of Kruger Canoes, and is sponsoring me in this race by lending me his Dreamcatcher. Please visit the Kruger Canoe website, to learn more about these great boats. My website and this blog will also continue to report on my experiences with the Kruger Dreamcatcher, I'm really loving this boat.