Monday, January 30, 2006

Attitude, Out with the Bad and In with the Good

The past week was a really hard one for me, mentally. All the chart and navigation planning had me feeling totally overwhelmed. I also felt really tired from all the training and planning. And I'm worrying a bit about my right wrist which is still occasionally giving me trouble, not a good thing starting a 1200 mile race with a slight tendinitis. In fact all week I tried to find excuses not to work out, finally on Sunday I was successful, no biking, no paddling, nothing physical, and, no guilts. It was probably just what my body and mind needed.

I spent the day in the garage working on the boat's outfitting a bit, but it was more of a family day. My husband was helping me, while my son (who had come home from college for the weekend) was working on his sailboat. Later that evening, my daughter and I drove him back to school.

Photo: Alan and friend Kevin sailing in regatta at Key Largo Jan'06. I tried for years to get my kids into paddling, but both prefer sailing, and a lot more speed than I do.

So that week is over. Now a new week is beginning, it's time to get back in the right frame of mind. Last week was the first time I let negative thoughts enter my mind about this Challenge. There is no place for that. Today I start the week reminding myself why I'm doing this. Why? I love the personal challenge, I love paddling, I love long distance endurance paddling, I love camping, I love the WaterTribe spirit, it's FUN. So I begin this week with positive sayings and attitude. Some of my favorites which work for me: "thinking makes it so", "why not", and, "just do it". These will be my mantra for the week.

After posting this blog entry, I received an email from my friend Kristen with two quotes for me, I liked them so much I had to add them here. First from Audrey Southerland (a solo woman paddler, adventurer, and explorer who does it her way, in an inflatable): "Inspiration without nuts and bolts practicality and bit-by-bit efficiency is futile. The other from Chris Duff (kayaker, adventurer, and explorer): "Never put your body where your mind hasn't been first." All so very appropriate.

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