Saturday, February 04, 2006

Sailing, Sailing, over the .......

What a great week. I finally managed to relax about the Challenge. Rather than continuing to feel overwhelmed, I am now getting really excited about it. Only three weeks left till I leave for Florida.

Saturday was one of my longer solo training days on the lake, 10 hours. Luckily it was unusually warm at 62 degrees, because it was pouring rain all morning, and winds 15-20 mph, with stronger gusts all day.

I didn't get in as much paddling as I had intended, not with that wind, instead, with my new Pacific Action Sail, I was screaming.

At one point my GPS read 7.2 mph, WOW. I'm continually amazed at how well this sail works. Not just downwind, but I was able to get a fairly good angle reaching upwind as well, and that had me going 4 mph. Of course I think the stability of the Kruger Dreamcatcher really helps when your sailing cross wind.

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seabiscut said...

Hang in there SandyBottom!!! We're routing for you!!