Monday, October 02, 2006

New Toy, or An Addition to the Fleet

Depends on how you look at it.

Lucky me, I now have a new Concept2 indoor rower.

And, I might have found a new goal :) the "One Million Meter Club". The Concept2 website has motivation forums, workouts, and even goals and competitions. The computer that comes with the rower has preprogrammed workouts, games, and options for customizing workouts. Fun, fun, fun!

What else is in my fleet? I have a Kruger Dreamcather, NDK Romany Explorer, Aquaterra Chinook, Wilderness Systems Pamlico, Dagger Crossfire, Dagger Redline, and an almost finished skin-on-frame low volume Greenland style kayak. Still, there are many more boats on my wish list: a Feathercraft K1, an outrigger canoe (OC1), a double kayak, and I'd love a Balogh sail rig for the Kruger.


cooldoctor1 said...

I too have a Concept II and it is a great machine. I need a pillow on the tush or it starts to make my legs numb, but other than that, It's a winner.

Michael said...

Come on now, let's get the skin-on-frame finished! Plenty of time for rowing machines when you get older! LOL