Thursday, September 14, 2006

Needing a Goal

If you don't make your dreams a goal, and set a deadline, you'll only always be a dreamer.

Being the goal oriented person that I am, and having finished the MS150 bike tour last weekend, I am now in need a new short term goal. The WaterTribe Everglades Challenge (EC) 2007 is 6 months away, so I'm needing a goal that's a little closer to focus on. Any ideas?

And, it's time to start putting my WaterTribe Ultimate Challenge (UFC) adventures on paper. I needed to put it all away for awhile, but now find myself wanting and needing to process my experiences. So I"m beginning to put it all on paper. There is so much information and many stories to tell. I'll likely put together a journal style more detailed article for the WaterTribe Magazine, then look for a more focused theme for a shorter article targeting a paddling or adventure magazine. Suggestions?

I have published an article on my first EC experience, see "It's not for the Fun, it's for the Adventure".

There is no doubt Kruger Canoes will play a big role in my articles. Like any endurance event, a challenge like the UFC is certainly more mental than anything else, but, having that mental determination and fortitude to keep myself going, my Kruger Dreamcatcher certainly made the experience a more pleasant and comfortable physical journey.


Marek (Wayfarer) said...

My suggestion: try 5 or 10 mile virtual race. It may be compatible with your paddling and training anyway. After the first run you can set up some goals for improvement. Paddling a time trial alone is quite challenging.


Alan Stewart said...

build a trimaran

Michael said...

Love your slogan pic linking the ideas of dreams goals and deadlines. It almost makes me want to give up my goals and just work more seriously on my dreams! ;-)