Monday, October 20, 2008

Balogh Kayak Sailing Weekend

A quick stop home to switch boats, and a short report. The Balogh Sail weekend at Cedar Island was so much fun. It was also very wet (constant rain Fri and Sat) and very windy, 20-25 kts on Sat, 30-35 kts on Sun. Many went out Saturday, all stayed on shore Sun.

I went out a little on Saturday and worked primarily on some upwind sailing and tacking. During my WaterTribe challenges, when upwind, I usually just paddle. Mark Balogh thinks this is a mistake especially in big winds, and suggested I spend a bit more time working on my upwind skills. He also offered other suggestions for me to work on. I'm determined to return next year a much better kayak sailor.

There were so many great tips shared, both sailing and outfitting. I can't wait to add a push-pull tiller to my Dreamcatcher.

The very varied range of boats was somewhat surprising, incuding recreational, white water, singles, doubles, canoes, you name it, all with one or more Balogh Sails. One double kayak had 3 masts, and custom made 10 foot amas, when fully reefed he still flies more than 100 sq ft of sail. There was also an old fiberglass white water slolom kayak, with it's rocker, it was sailing figure eights around me, so much fun to watch.

Camille had a great time too, and a great sail with “Mad Dave" on his 3 masted double sea kayak. Her smile on the return, in photo above says it all.


Greg said...
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Greg said...

Let's try this again;;;

Okay, this almost totally unrelated to the post, but I didn't see an email anywhere - I am considering a kruger dreamcatcher. I currently paddle a fat 17'x24" expedition sea kayak using a single blade for about 70% of my miles. I ave about 3.5-4 mph with it on 30-40 mile day trips of about 12 hours. I'm wondering what the typical speed is for someone in a dreamcatcher? Any opinion would be appreciated.

greg knipe said...

hey dawn, i hope you are going to documant your push pull tiller. i want one too, but my first try is a little goofy! you are allways a few steps ahead of me.
your posts here keep me dreaming.
greg knipe

Pernicious said...

Dawn--contact me!

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