Thursday, October 30, 2008

More Sailing

My Balogh Retreat Weekend was followed by a weeks vacation with Paul and our sailboat, a Core Sound 20 named "Dawn Patrol".

We headed down to the coast to BayBoro NC off the Pamlico River on Tuesday, and spent the next 5 days sailing and camping (on the boat). This was all part of a B&B Yachts Messabout, planned by the designer of our boat.

Video of Paul and I sailing in "Dawn Patrol".

This was a wonderful vacation. There were some incredible sailors and boat builders there, all the boats were hand made, wooden, and primarily B&B Yachts designs. We sailed and partied and had a great time. I got in some great sailing lessons. Camping, both anchored or docked on our little boat was great fun. The smile on my face below says it all.

Graham Byrne's owner of B&B and his wife Carla put on a great event with some help from friends. While there, I also tried out one of Graham's new rowing boat designs (in progress), and his newest kayak design the Grand Diva (which I'm quite interested in).
There are lots of stories and many more pictures and links to photo albums of the event on the 3 page "messabout thread" on the Messing-About websites B&B forum here.


Michael said...

Dawn - I really enjoyed your posting today. The video of you crossing over their wake to take the windward tack was awesome! LOL You're so lucky to have a group to go sailing with, but of course, you planned all that years ago, right?
Best wishes!

Capt'n O Dark 30 & Super Boo said...

Look'n god at the helm Dawn!! Look'n good!