Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Toys in the Garage

Over the past few years, our garage had pretty much become storage for most of my toys. It’s just a 2 car garage, too small to really even put 2 cars in it, and the ‘other garage stuff’.

In addition to that ‘other garage stuff’, I have 6 kayaks, a kayak trailer and other boat carts, 6 bikes (4 of which are mine), roller blades, 2 windsurfers (Paul’s and Alan’s), and ALL the gear; paddles, sails, PFDs, helmets, booties/shoes, tents, sleeping bags, camping gear, trunks of dry bags, hats, gloves, junk, etc... etc… etc… I’ve been perfectly happy with this arrangement, even thought it’s always been a bit of a mess.

Now Paul’s decided he’d like to keep our sailboat “Dawn Patrol” in the garage as well. We have a paved area to the side of the garage where we’ve kept the boat on its trailer covered with a large tarp, a temporary situation. My idea was to build a carport (or even another garage) to the side of the garage for the boat. Unfortunately there are some zoning restrictions that prevent this, and we probably won’t be in this house long enough to make it worth the cost.

I wasn’t too worried about losing my space, the boat just barely fits, but not the boat trailer the tongue of the trailer is a couple feet too long :) Uh oh, Paul’s just found a kit that lets you cut off the tongue; it either hinges and swings out of the way, or comes off completely for storage.

Sunday afternoon, Paul did some cleaning. My WW kayaks which aren’t used often have been relegated outdoors in the screen porch, paddling apparel is now hanging from a pole that rises and lowers. The bikes have always hung from the ceiling, as has one of the sea kayaks. The lawn mower and other ‘garage stuff’ are now in the crawl space. I’m not sure where everything else is, it’s all been moved over, as Paul has now claimed half of the garage.

I’ve always joked that sailing is not the hobby with a wooden sailboat, but that the real hobby is maintenance. I know Paul would love to be able to work on his boat in the comfort of the garage, so it’s only fair. But it sure is going to be crowded. This small trailerable sailboat sure looks big in our little garage.

I think at this point in our lives, with kids grown and gone, we need a smaller house and bigger garage. We sure love our toys.


Ginger Travis said...

Dawn, you should ask Camille about her plan for a drive-through garage (for cars with boat trailers behind) with a bunkhouse in the loft!

Alan said...

Yay, go Dad!

AkitasNKayaks said...

Wow! That is quite an accomplishment! Paul has a sure-fire job if he ever gives up his day job!