Thursday, February 26, 2009

Why? Why Not!

I am so loving the blog “The Wild Side” by Terry Tomalin. Terry is the Outdoors Editor for the St Petersburg Times Outdoors. He also completed the first of the annual WaterTribe Everglades Challenges in 2002, and plans to do it again this year in a 6 man sailing outrigger canoe, reporting as he goes.

His posts capture the spirit, the mindset, the challenges, and all the extraordinary aspects of WaterTribe and it’s members more than anything I have ever read. I not only look forward to reading his next post each and every day, they generate both an excitement towards the upcoming event and a confirmation of why I do it.


Steve said...

will you be posting your progress during the EC? Good luck. Steve

SandyBottom said...

Paul is going to be updating my blog with reports, and I'll have a spot running that will let people track my progress.