Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday March 13

In and Out of CP3
SandyBottom landed at Flamingo and checked into CP3 at about 11:30 PM Thursday night according to the SPOT data. Undoubtedly too exhausted to call home, we hope she set up her hammock (or tent) with out delay and slept well. This morning the SPOT data shows that she was back on the water starting to cross Florida Bay by about 5:15 AM. She may have gotten 5 hours sleep/rest. No other information from CP3.

In and out of CP3

Headwinds, Headwinds, Headwinds and More Headwinds

The challenge of the EC'09 has been persistent headwinds. Today is no different. The forecast is for East or Southeast winds all day at 10 to 15 knots (11 to 17 mph). Whitecaps, who arrived at the finish line Thursday night, said that those headwinds today, and over the last few days, make for a tough crossing of Florida Bay. The route east from Flamingo to Key Largo is about 35 miles.

From Tampa Bay to Florida Bay, in persistent east / southeast winds.

The First 3 Hours
By 8:40 AM SandyBottom was passing through the Dump Keys. The SPOT data indicated that she was averaging roughly 10 miles per 3 hours which takes into account occasional pauses for water/sunscreen/food and an average moving speed of about 3.3 knots (3.8 mph). That's impressive considering the headwinds that have been forecast.

Dump Keys

Estimated Time of Arrival ?
At an average speed of 10 miles every 3 hours, SandyBottom would reach the finish line between 4:00 PM and 4:30 PM, hypothetically. We hope she reaches the finish line before dark.

Passing End Key at 9:41 AM.

Ten Miles to Go
At 1:21 PM on Friday, SandyBottom was passing between Stake Key and Low Key, about 10 miles from the finish line.

Finished !
SandyBottom and KiwiBird paddled the last mile side-by-side and crossed the finish line together at 4:45 PM. DWSB gave SB a flower lei made from local red, purple, and orange bouganvillea flowers which grow so well here in Key Largo.


AkitasNKayaks said...

Go Dawn, Go! What a paddler!

Michael said...

Wow, what a great paddle! I've been glued to the seat edge all week following the WT and SPOT data. Another couple hours should see them in for a cold one! Thanks DWSB for the updates!

Michael said...

I just checked and they're in!!! Wonderful!

David said...

Congratulations to Dawn! And thanks DWSB for the play-by-play; I've been following quietly but attentively.