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Saturday March 7

Start to CP1

SandyBottom and many of the challengers in kayaks spent the day taking the 'inside' route, beginning with Sarasota Bay, while many of the challengers in class4 boats spent the day on the 'outside' route hoping for better winds. Winds were light or becalmed a substantial part of the day forcing the sailers with oars to do some rowing.

The end of the day SandyBottom caught up with KiwiBird and KneadingWater who had been paddling a mile ahead all day and together they chose a campsite a the southeast end of Lemon Bay not far from Stump Pass.

On the first day of the EC'09, SandyBottom paddled from 7:00 AM to 10:50 PM. During those 16 hours she covered 57.5 miles.
This is a fast pace for SB. She reported that she tended to paddle at the pace of KB and KW, which is faster than her own usual pace, because they were always a mile or two ahead the entire day.

Having covered 57.5 miles of the 67.0 miles from the starting line to CheckPoint 1 (CP1) , she is now camped 9.5 miles from CP1.

Her average speed computed as 57.5 /16 was 3.59 mph.

SandyBottom called home three times on Saturday and reported being tired and sore but otherwise in good shape. She reported that she is favoring a bruise on her ribs from a minor fall back at Ft. DeSoto. Getting out of the car with a load of gear. Had her PFD over one shoulder and she landed on the VHF radio that was in the PFD pocket.

On sunday morning it may take about 2 hours and 40 minutes for SandyBottom to reach CP1.

Camping a short distance from CP1 (either before reaching it or after reaching it) has the advantage of a quiet place to sleep. CP1 can be relatively noisy even during the wee hours with challengers coming and going. Sleep well!

Saturday night camping area...

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