Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lots of Exciting Paddling Races

There are some big and exciting races just starting or about to start, all of them without me :(

The inaugural Yukon1000 canoe and kayak race started Monday. This race is the longest canoe and kayak race on the calendar, knocking other long races into a distant second place. This was originally on my calendar as my biggest event for 2009. Unfortunately things just didn’t work out for this year, but I've already gotten the date for the 1210 race.

The race reporting even after just a few days has been fascinating, check it out on the race forum, and following the race with the help of the racers Spots and Google Earth is a wonderful addition.

The Missouri River 340 (MR340), is another great endurance race. My son Alan and I previously paddled this in 2007 . There is lots of excitement with this event as Kruger Canoe sponsored racers Hannah and Marissa paddling with the goal of $10.000.00 dollars for Susan G. Komen. You may remember Marissa as Boo of WaterTribe. Check out their websites' here and here to follow these young and adventurous girls.

The WaterTribe NC Challenge is coming up (don't forget to register :). This is a first time event that looks to be lots of fun. This year I'm the race manager, so no paddling for me, but Paul and Alan will be participating in our sailboat "Dawn Patrol".

There is also the Mayor's Cup race scheduled in October, a circumnavigation of Manhattan Island. They've just put up their new website. It's quite an elite race, but there is a seakayak division. I'm thinking about it.

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bonnie said...

Oh, hey, are you coming up for the Mayor's Cup, or did you decide to leave NYC off the schedule for this year?