Monday, July 20, 2009

Surf Classes

Saabi's Blog describes the Intro to Surf classes the Carolina Kayak Club sponsored over the weekend, and with some great photo's taken by Eva who watched the action on the beach during Saturday's class. I also attempted to take a few photo's on the water (below), but never did get the camera out in the real stuff (sorry guys).

Everyone seemed to have a great time, and conditions were just perfect with primarily 1-2 ft waves (and a few 3 footers on Saturday). Lots of lessons learned from understanding your own limits, discovering which skills need some more work, putting recovery braces and balance into practice, and discovering the thrill of taking off on a wave.

Tamas, a big grizzly bear of a guy, wins the prize for best balance in the class. This was his first time ever in the ocean, and he never flipped in the surf once, and he was out on Saturday with the larger surf. He had a huge smile on his face throughout, and when we came to shore he looked me and said "I may never want to paddle on the lake again".

Greg gets the prize for really going after the waves and getting the best rides. best wishes to him and his fiance as they get ready for their wedding and honeymoon in Hawaii next week.

The opportunity to assist Lamar from Barrier Island Kayaks in both classes provided continued and invaluable learning for me in both rescue practice in surf and rough water conditions and in group management practice. It doesn't get much better, and with friends at the beach.

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