Friday, April 23, 2010

All in the Family

WaterTribe has started registration signups for the 2012 Ultimate Florida Challenge.  It might seem a bit early but it's a big event, an unsupported 1200 mile circumnavigation around Florida, including a 40 mile portage between the St Mary's and Suwanneee Rivers.  I've decided to plan for it, and have signed myself up.  Lots of time to get ready.

SandyBottom during 2006 UFC

I participated in this Challenge in 2006, and had created a website which was also the beginning of this blog, and a very exciting adventure.  WaterTribe also ran the event this March, it was great fun watching the SPOT tracking data of the challengers, and reading and participating in the exciting reports on the WaterTribe forum

Then the other day I received this email (via Ham Radio) from my son Alan, currently somewhere in the Pacific Ocean between the Galapagos and Marquesas Islands, sailing around the world with EYE of theWorld.
I would love to do the UFC with you in 2012. I think we would be a pretty good team. Full on racing right? :)   Ideas in my head:
  • Tandem folding bike?
  • Spinnakers lots of spinnakers
  • At least 3 masts and sails with TWIN PAS rigs
  • We'll need big solid outriggers to support all the sails
  • Maybe a bigger rudder
  • Some hiking benches
 JUST KIDDING. well at least a little.
I think we could put together something pretty good. Would you be interested in any other type of vessels other than a double kruger? Do you think we could borrow one?  I know there isn't much else out there that would be as good but just in case I think of something.  My biggest problem would of course be that I don't have a paddling "base" like you and would not be trained for paddling the whole way if i got back late 2011 and raced in march 2012. Thus my mind turns to sailing. I would like going offshore on the east coast like some of the boats this year did and I'll bet you would rather be in the waterways.
Lets keep talking about it. If we sail around South Africa then I may be back in time.
Alan UFC
I just love this son of mine.  In 2007 we paddled the Missour River (MR340) race together in 2007, and had alot of fun.  Alan (SOS) has also particpated in the WaterTribe Everglades Challenge, in 2007 with 3 of his college roomates in sailing outrigger canoes they built themselves, and in 2008 with Paul (Dances with SandyBottom) in our CoreSound20 that he and Paul built.  Paul and Alan again raced together in the 2009 North Carolina Challenge.

Alan and friends in 2007 Watertribe Everglades Challenge

DancesWithSandyBottom and SOS in 2008 EC

Paul's response to all this, "OMG you created a monster"  :)  

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Captn O Dark 30 and Super Boo said...

It's great when you have the family involved!! Man I love this!!