Sunday, April 04, 2010

I've Not Forgotten

Yes I still owe you some trip reports from my 2010 WaterTribe Everglades Challenge.  I promise to get to it soon. 

KiwiBird has completed all her trip reports of the EC on her blog, she really is a great story teller.  And though we didn't always paddle together, we did camp at the same campsites, and with KneadingWater and Seiche.  I think we may have paddled together more this year than during any one of the previous 4 EC years.  So, please check out her postings for Days 1 thru 7 starting March 23rd, as we often shared similar experiences.

To reduce the redundancy, I'll eventually post about the EC in a different format, picking topics rather than a play by play of each day, for example:  "solo or not", "kayak sailing", and "letting the alligators freak me out".  So I'll get to these over the next month or two.

The past couple weeks I've been busy following the WaterTribe Ultimate Florida Challenge, 1200 mile race around Florida.  It was so exciting to sit back and watch it thru the discussion forum and the SPOT trackers.  Enough so, that I'm pretty sure I'll be doing it again in 2012 :)

On the paddling front, I just got back from a GREAT weekend at Goose Creek Island, a 3 day Paddle n Party.  Paul posted a bit about it below.  Quite the social event, possibly a bit more party then paddle.  More to report on this too.  Saturday night Karaoke below.

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