Friday, September 03, 2010

North Carolina Coast

I’ve been down all week with a bad cold, and am still trying to shake it. I’d hoped to get to the Coast over the weekend for some paddling (training/scouting), but just don’t have the energy. I just got an email from Scott who lives in Beaufort, he knew I had hoped to come down, he said Hurricane Earl came and left fast without much of a trace in Beaufort. I’ve yet to hear how they all faired in Cedar Island.

Scott (Lenscap) was the only paddler/finishers in last year’s WaterTribe North Carolina Ultra Marathon (NCUM - 50 mile race). Last year he didn’t have the full weekend free to paddle the NCC (100 miles), but he will this year. We’ve emailed a bit about the race over the past year. He’s ready, but I’m starting to worry about how well I’ll actually do. I found another to help manage the race this year, so I’m paddling! Somehow though I seem to have forgotten to train.

After reading Scott’s email about the weather there, I checked out his website which was listed at the bottom of his signature.  Scott is a professional photographer who I knew was working on a book with Bland Simpson. I’ve previously posted about Bland Simpson's book “The Inner Islands
Well it seems their book will be available in November. “The Coasts of Carolina - Seaside to Sound Country”, By Bland Simpson and Scott Taylor.  “…. a visual and textual portrait organized around coastal themes… the collaborators venture beyond the familiar to show us swamp, marsh, river, sound, and seashore, uncovering places of uncommon delight that most visitors rarely lay eyes on.”
I didn’t know Scott also had his own book of photography called “Coastal Waters – Images of North Carolina”, by Scott Taylor. A book of black & white images taken over a 20 year period along the coast of North Carolina from the Northern Outerbanks to the Southern coast and in-between.

And it seems Scott has worked on a few other books as well, check it out here.   Well done Scott.

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Jay said...

Scott and Bland Simpson are doing an event a Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh on 11/19 @ 7:30. I heard about it a couple of weeks ago and I'm planning to go. I didn't realize at the time that Scott was a Watertriber. Cool!