Saturday, September 11, 2010


I’m still sick. I’ve been down now for 2 full weeks, and am missing some great paddling. I’d planned to do a 60 mile circumnavigation of Emerald Isle this weekend with my kayak club (some great ocean paddling and distance training for the upcoming NCC Challenge). So terribly disappointed to be missing this trip.

It seems my horrible summer cold turned sinus infection has not been relieved with the initial antibiotics I started a week ago. Then a slight detour thinking the coughing might be asthma also set me back a bit (lukily no bronchitis or pneumonia, yet). Right now all I can do is drink my cough medicine to help stay asleep most of the time to avoid the non-stop painful coughing when simply breathing or talking (caused by irritation), while waiting for some relief from a new antibiotic. Too much information?

I’m just not sure what effect this is all going to have on my race, certainly there won’t be any racing involved, but I’m still hoping to at least cruise it, or possibly do the shorter 50 mile Ultra Marathon (NCUM).

Paul’s still working on the new Grand Diva Kayak, with little to no help. He plans to get the hull painted this weekend, all the priming and smoothing is done. If it’s not faster with me, it’ll certainly look like it is, with its black hull and deep mahogany deck.   I'll post a picture after the painting is completed.

We’re pretty sure the kayak will be completed enough to paddle in the NCC, but it’ll be a tough decision about whether to take it.  I’ll not have had much chance to really paddle it enough to learn it, or learn what outfitting is needed for distance comfort, this is pretty important for a race like this.  I recall paddling a bit with Sundance in this past March’s 300 mile Everglades Challenge. He had his new QCC700, but was visibly uncomfortable as he was still adjusting to a totally different hull shape and feel.

I know I can paddle my Explorer in just about anything, and with my eyes closed.  The Diva has the hardest chines I’ve ever seen, I’m just now sure how different it’s going to feel.  If I'm not racing, the slower Explorer won't really matter.

Hopefully the new sail should arrive next week. It’ll be easy to set up for the Explorer as I know other's have been able to use it's existing fittings, but time will be needed to set it up right on the Diva. I'd planned to set it up for both kayaks anyway, and hope to use it for the Challenge.

What new sail you ask? Stay tuned, I’ll be posting all about it as soon as it arrives, but here's a sneak preview.


Captn O Dark 30 and Super Boo said...

Hang Tough Dawn!! Feel Better!! Like the sail!!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering why the change is sails?

Anonymous said...

Hope you get well soon Dawn!

Frank Ladd

Captn O Dark 30 and Super Boo said...


the sail looks real efficient; may prove to be faster closer to the wind then a crabclaw

gnarlydog said...

Of the sails I have tried , the Flat Earth is my favorite.
More info and description on the sail at:

Anonymous said...

How 'ya doing? Are you feeling better? Your race is next Fri., right?