Wednesday, December 08, 2010

How's the Training Going

That's a question I got asked a few times last Saturday night at the Carolina Kayak Clubs Holiday Party.  That's me standing next to the "saggy" paddle tree.

My training plan is always a bit more optimistic than I can usually accomplish, life gets in the way, the winter is cold, its hard work… lots of excuses.  A little deviation is okay and nothing to beat yourself up about, but I’d like to be a bit more serious about it all this year. 
I've not paddled much in the past few weeks, and honestly don't think I'll get out on the water till the New Year.  We have one graduating college, holiday parties, and family time planned over the next few weeks.  But I'm swimming, biking, weight training, and doing yoga, all the things I need to be doing.
I've decided a little accountability would be a good thing, and so I'll start a training log, keep it updated and post it on the right side bar, once I can figure out how.
I’m also pretty excited to find out that many of the NC triathlons have now added  an aqua bike division (swim-bike), including a favorite the White Lake ½ Ironman. My running days are long over which pretty much ended triathlon for me about 8 years ago, but, maybe not so anymore. I’m planning a good bit of biking and swimming this year anyway.  Hmmm.

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