Monday, August 15, 2011

Back on the Water

I really need a new camera, sorry no pictures.

This weekend, I finally felt better and good enough to get in some paddling. I met Christine late Saturday afternoon for a 15 miler, and then we camped at a wilderness camp site on Jordan Lake. Sunday weather called for a 60% chance of thunderstorms and rain throughout the day. We paddled another 20 miles, and the sun shone all day long. It was beautiful.

We ended the day with some rolling and rescue practice in our loaded boats. My new QCC is not nearly as easy to roll as my NDK Explorer. I’ve just got to remember to keep the lay back (the Explorer is easy to cheat on this). It had been awhile since I’d done rescue work in a loaded boat. I was surprised at how much water the cockpit took in. Way too much pumping needed. I’m now considering an electric pump.

Next weekend I’m planning another Belhaven trip from Pate’s Boat Yard  with a small group from my kayak club. Planning to arrive in time for Thirsty Thursday :)  It’s all good!

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Michael said...

I agree the QCC is not an easy roller. I've always had issues with mine as well! Glad to learn you're back on the water!