Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Looks Like a Go

At least from NC to FL.  We've all worked so hard, and Alan harder than imaginable to get this to happen. And again so busy that no real photos documenting the process.

We raised the mast the first time on Sunday.  I have to tell you when we got the mast up there, and the main sail up, I had the world's worst panic attack.  What am I getting myself into.

We've been running on 4-5 hrs sleep each night.  Here I am finishing making the trampolines in the dark, Alan got them strung up Monday night about midnight in the rain.

Alan and Graham took it for a test sail on Tuesday, and deemed it almost ready for the Challenge.  Still some minor rigging adjustments, a few more blocks etc... needed.  Paul and I had to leave to finish getting things all packed up.

Alan's on his way here and we'll drive down to Florida through the night, planning more building and test sailing Thursday and Friday, ready for the Challenge on Saturday morning.

You'll just have to wait till then to get a picture of the "Mosquito" all set up with sails etc...  Paul promises to keep you all informed on the blog as much as possible.  

The WaterTribe forum will be fun to keep up with as well, that is here
Also there will be tracking with our SPOTS and you can follow our movements here, you may have to choose some options from the drop down window, our event is UF2012, and Class M, but play with it, it should be fun.

Paul will include links and helpful hints on following the Challenge in his updates.
See ya.

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Captn O Dark 30 and Super Boo said...

awesome can't wait to see some action photos!! woo hoo!!