Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Too Busy

We've been too busy with the build to even take pictures.  The cold weather and rain over the weekend also set us back a bit.  So now it's time for some compromises.  Not on structure or function, but unfortunately on looks.  No more sanding and finishing.  No time for varnishing or painting.

This week is about finishing the rudder, getting the dagger boards set, getting the water stays and shrouds made and installed, mast stepped, and all the hardware on.  Oh yea, we still have to get the trampolines made.  I'll go down again for the weekend.

I'm still hoping we can get the trimaran on the water Sunday, at least for a short test trial.  We're planning to drive to Tampa on Tuesday, but the Challenge doesn't start till Saturday, we might need those extra days.  I'ts really crunch time now.

Alan posted a thank-you to Murray's for helping us out with some of our gear.  The only real way to thank Graham and Carla Byrnes for the use of the shop, equipment and tools, and time to work on the boat is to name our team Team B&B.

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