Sunday, December 03, 2006

A Big Change

Have you visited Derrick Mayoleth's KayakWisconsin blog today? Your in for a surprise! It has been renamed KayakQuixotica. See Derrick's posting Idiom where he talks about making the change.

And if you don't already, you really should get in the habit of reading the 'comments' made by readers of a particular blog entry, they are often interesting and fun.

Derrick says in one response to a comment : "yep (to the question: you aren't changing the name are you?) , and everyone will hate it too!! and won't be able to pronounce it either. but I'll have the old name pointing to it forever so no one should get too lost. :) actually that's the major change with a few minor upgrades. I don't want to fiddle it too much."

So, what is with that name? And how do you pronounce it? Every time I see it, I immediately think of 'Don Quixote', and then of the word 'exotica'. I assume that was Derricks' intent. Very playful, even somewhat naughty :)


Michael said...

I like the subtitle about paddling out into the fog, but as I said in my comment, some people leave a foggy shore hoping to find some clarity in their lives by paddling away. Often they find it far offshore, only to have things get foggy again when they return home. Maybe that's why we love paddling so much!

derrick said...

Thank you Dawn. Playful. . . but never, ever naughty. . :)

Michael said...

I think Derrick's following me around today... LOL

BTW, I hope you're back into training and your shoulder is feeling better.