Monday, December 18, 2006

Where are the Women?

Where are the women adventurers? There are 44 boats registered so far for the WaterTribe Everglades Challenge in March '07, and only 4 of them will have a woman in them, 2 of them in solo boats, the other 2 in mixed doubles.

KiwiBird and I will both be in Class 1 solo boats, this is her first EC, my fourth. According to the WaterTribe Record Book, KiwiBird will become the 6th woman to officially complete an EC in a solo kayak. There have also been 4 women to finish an EC in mixed doubles, SandDollar being the only one who has done it in both solo and mixed division.

That's only 9 women to ever complete an Everglades Challenge. Why is that?

Photo left, SandyBottom and TurtleWoman celebrating EC04 in Key Largo.

Photo right, Arctic Doc and SandyBottom celebrating EC05 in Key Largo.

It's not because there aren't alot of women out there doing paddling expeditions. Even Derrick posted in KayakQuixotica; "I'm sure you've noticed it too. 2006 was by all means a banner year for the women of sea kayaking.", this in his post "dream amazing dreams" as he introduced Sandy Robson beginning her adventure paddling around the Australian Coastline. And of course there is Renata and Wendy and .......

So yes, there are alot of women paddlers out there seeking adventure. But I'd sure like to see more of them join the Tribe for the Everglades Challenge 2007, an expedition style adventure race.

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Michael said...

Hi Dawn, you make an interesting point. Is it a sign of the times that still too few women can afford the time and have sufficient financial independence to be able to take the Challenge? I'd like to think women have reached the same status in these regards as men, but the numbers you quote make one pause. Certainly women are dreaming big dreams these days and a few are finding ways to make them come to life. Perhaps more will come forth!

wayfarer said...

Where are the women?

They are going to paddle Missouri River 340 Race. Sonewhat simpler logistics than WaterTribe events. Women's solo division may be strong next year.