Monday, January 08, 2007

Kruger Canoe Sailing

After my last post reporting my intention to paddle/sail a Kruger Seawind canoe in this years WaterTribe Everglades challenge, I searched for some photos of a Kruger with Balogh Sail rig, these taken during last years EC.

Photo at right shows a couple Krugers starting the Challenge at Tampa Bay.

Brian Weber (aka DaBiscuit) paddling into checkpoint #1 with sail down. Brian keeps up a nice blog named Captain of the "O Dark 30" journaling his training and paddling. More about Brian in a future posting, he's a pretty interesting guy.

Kruger canoe sailing the beautiful waters of the Gulf.

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Wayfarer said...

Somewhere burried in the WaterTribe pages (discussion forum?) are links to movie clips shot by Chief during his attempt to paddle/sail to Dry Tortugas. I have links to two of them in my old blog:
It looks like there are still working.