Friday, January 12, 2007

Weekend Travel

I'm off to Illinois to pick up a Kruger Seawind with Balogh Sail Rig. I'm so excited (and thankful) that Stan has offered to lend me his canoe. I plan to listen to an audio tape of the book "Thirteen Moons" by Charles Frazier (author of Cold Mountain) to keep me company. It's an 880 mile drive each way.

Meanwhile Alan and Trey of Team Velocity, a semi-pro catamaran racing team rooted in Raleigh NC, at North Carolina State University, are on their way to Key Largo with Trey's Nacra 20, for the Multi-hull Nationals. Team Velocity keeps a blog with photo's and video of their events (Santa brought Alan a new Pentax Optio WP20 so they should come back with some nice pics).

While Alan is out sailing (gotta keep those sponsors happy), the other members of Team RAF are planning to keep working on their WaterTribe boats, possibly even painting the hulls. I know the colors they were thinking of, I'm not telling :)

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