Monday, August 13, 2007

Something Different

Paul and I spent the weekend in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western N.C., in the small city of Boone, named after the famous pioneer and explorer Daniel Boone. We were up there helping our daughter move back to college, and to take a short weekend vacation.

There was lots of excitement. Saturday started band camp for the Appalachian State Marching Mountaineer's. This year she's on the drum line, playing the tenors (or quads).

Then on Saturday afternoon, Paul and I played tourist and hiked up to Linville Falls, off the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Sunday, we took an even longer hike (~ 6 miles) around Stone Mountain, a 300 million year old, 600-foot granite dome, part of a 25-square-mile pluton, an igneous rock formed beneath the earth's surface by molten lava. Over time, wind, water and other forces have gradually eroded the softer layers of rock atop the granite block and exposed the outcrop we hiked over. We hiked to the falls, then up across and around the dome. Weather was perfect; it was just a wonderful weekend.
Next weekend, the beach for some kayaking and surfing.

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