Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wizard is at it Again

The WaterTribe Ultimate Challenge, a 1,200 mile circumnavigation of Florida (with 40 mile portage), which I participated and completed in 2006, seems so small now. Check out the route below for another longer race.

I was surfing the web when I came upon the website Around In Ten, about "A single handed race around the world in ten foot boats", starting January 2009. Of particular interest to me was that one of the 4 declared racers is Wizard, WaterTribe alumni Matt Layden.

This is right up Wizard's alley, as he's all about the efficiency of small boats, and is well known for designing "micro-cruisers". Read more about Wizard in some articles on the small boats he's built and used in previous WaterTribe events on Wayfarer's Website:

Matt also wrote the WaterTribe article "Everglades Challenge in the Rob Royoid Canoe", which also provides an insight into his philosophy on small boats.

Also check out the website Microcruising. It also has pictures and descriptions of many of the micro cruisers Matt has designed in the past.

Good luck Matt!

Now I'm just hoping my son Alan (SOS) doesn't get any bright ideas :)


Capt'n "O" Dark 30 said...

Wow... what an adventure that will be... Alan called and asked if I had any more sails!!! :-) just kidding.

Kristen said...

And Alan just called me for a year's supply of dried mango!

Michael said...

I'd need a 20 foot boat just for my mango supply... ;-)

I just finished reading William Longyard's A Speck on the Sea which I recommend to anyone thinking about one of these voyages in a micro-boat...

bonnie said...

I'd read about that over on Edward's EVK4 Superblog. It is the wildest thing. I just can't imagine it.