Thursday, September 13, 2007

All I Want for Christmas...

There is no denying that I'm a bit of a gear freak. I've never had a garage that had room for a car, my garage looks a bit like an REI satellite store. One of the big challenges for a gear freak, is justifying the expense. My husband would tell you that I can become quite creative at this.

We'll I've found my next Xmas present, a SPOT Satellite Messenger and Tracker, available Nov 1, 2007 (just in time).

It has some interesting safety features, and is being advertised as an essential line of communication in emergency situations:
- "911” button dispatches emergency responders to an exact location
- Ask for “Help” button sends a request for help to friends and family
- Check In” button lets your contacts know where you are and that you are okay

I'll likely continue to carry and use the more traditional VHF, EPIRB, and other safety equipment that I have normally chosen to use. I really see this as a gift for my husband (thus my justification :)

No longer will he need to wait on phone calls, and spend time worrying about where I am. If I carry this, he can just bring up and track my position in Google Earth.

WaterTribe is considering using this to track their Ultimate Florida Challenge racers in 2008, Everglades Challengers (which I will be) will have an option to use their own.

Hmm, only $149. It's just what Paul needs.


Capt'n "O" Dark 30 said...

buy buy buy!!!

Kristen said...

Don't forget to tell Paul about the $99pa to run it! But I too have it on my pressie list...