Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sailing and Paddling on Lake Murray

Alan sailing during Outback Cup Regatta (photo taken by Paul while crewing).

It was a great weekend on Lake Murray, near Columbia SC. Alan and Paul would have liked a bit more wind for sailing. They finished the Outback Cup Sailing Regatta in 2nd place against 10 in their division, 103 boats total.

Alan wrote a nice trip report of the weekend on his blog.

While the guys were out sailing, I got in a 10 mile paddle in my seakayak on Saturday and Sunday. Lake Murray is much larger than my local Lake Jordan, and littered with large mansions along the shoreline. The lake, fed by the Saluda River, the dam was built in 1930, covers an area of 78 square miles with 649 miles of shoreline.

Lake Murray is also down from the regional drought, though their lake levels weren't nearly as drastic looking as it is at home. Kiwibird has a few pics of Jordan Lake from her Sunday paddle posted on her blog.

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