Monday, September 10, 2007

Ohana (Family) Time

My brother Bob (who lives with his family in Denver) and I were lucky to be able to spend a week visiting my parents, sister, and niece in Hawaii. We arrived without spouses or kids, a small Dickie family reunion. My siblings and I were born in Hawaii, and lived there as children. We all separately returned to Hawaii by the mid 70's, only my sister and parents have stayed ever since. My brother and I lived there till the early 80's and now return as often as we can for family visits.

We were there to spend some time with the folks, help my sister with some household chores, and just visit and reminisce. The time difference (6 hrs for me) allowed Bob and I to spend early mornings running, hiking, and walking on the beach, greeting the sun. With my sister we discovered the new Kailua Kai Wa Nui marsh trail, she plans to walk the ~5 mile open section most mornings before work. After morning chores, we spent our afternoons with family at the beach or pool, then continued the reunion over dinner. For me, it was one of those vacations that didn't fly by too fast, great outdoor exercise, and yet with enough rest and relaxation to be a real vacation.

I did get out one morning to paddle a "Fuze", a single outrigger canoe (OC1) from Outrigger Connection. I absolutely loved paddling it, an OC1 is my next planned for boat (all I have to do is sell the piano first :) If all works out, I'll probably have to add OC1 to the name of my blog when I do. Blackburn Challenge 2008 here I come. My Kruger Dreamcatcher is the best for long distance expeditions and races, but I'm looking for a single blade option for much shorter day races.

And of course we managed a few afternoons at the beach, kayaking (big plastic sit-on-top) at Lanikai and body surfing at Kalama Beach. I'd also hoped to try stand-up paddle surfing/boarding, but ran out of time. If you get to Oahu, make sure to visit Lanikai Juice in Kailua, the acai bowls (a fresh fuit smoothy in a bowl) are to die for.

I've got a few pictures, though it never seems to be as many as you'd hoped for.


Kristen said...

Looks like paradise! Great to have you home ("home" being a relative word ;).

Capt'n "O" Dark 30 said...

the water is as blue as i can remember... who's the hottie on the Fuse'?? :-)

look'n good out there...

Midwest Paddle Adventures said...

The OC1 looks like a blast. How was turning compared to other watercraft you've piloted?

Looks like you had an awesome time.

See ya next year in Missouri.