Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fun Fun Fun

This past weekend's paddling/camping trip with my local kayak group was great. We camped at Goose Creek State Park on the Pamlico River (fed by the Tar River), the camp's water site is worth the visit. I had not paddled this specific area of the Pamlico before, sound-side, about 50 miles from Oakracoke Inlet. There is lots of water here, and many paddling opportunities. The Pamlico River feeds into the large Pamlico Sound, as does the Neuse River to it's South. And there are many smaller River's and Creeks perfect for exploring.

Paul and I have started to look around for a retirement location near/on the Coast. This area will certainly be worth researching as it's a prefect sailing and paddling spot, and without the huge tourist base found at the beach. Saturday's paddle had us paddling into the Sound over to historic Bath, small craft advisories prohibited the return paddle, which I was lucky enough to shuttle back on a 24 ft sailboat. Sunday morning we paddled a few hours up the River over to Brandt Creek and historic Washington. Great paddle, good people, good food.

This week, things get a bit more serious for me. WaterTribe training begins, with run/bike/swim cross-training (starting my base for the Louiville Ironman next August), and I've got to finish the skin-on-frame.

Friday starts my regular 15 mile winter night-time paddles. I'm really looking forward to getting back in the Kruger Dreamcather. Except for the Halloween paddle, I've not paddled the Dreamcather since last June's Missouri River 340 mile race. It's really the perfect cold weather and distance boat, so comfortable. I noticed Marek posted on his fitness paddling blog that he's back in his Kruger SeaWind this winter as well.

Kruger Canoes has done some work updating their website, it's worth a look. Reading about Verlen Kruger's paddling is both an inspiration and very motivational. I'm amazed at how many paddlers I meet who have never heard of him.

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Silbs said...

How different the energy down there as we go into winter. I am developoing paddler's envy :) Thanks for the link.